After my first lesson went so well and I had decided to further my snowboarding education I decided the time had come to provide myself with additional safety equipment. A solid helmet was definitely a necessity in my mind. While learning on the bunny hill, a helmet really didn’t seem necessary. However, during my first outing on a real run I was grateful that I had it. Because I felt more protected, I also felt more confident. Fear can often prevent me from furthering a skill and the addition of my new helmet helped me try new things and take new chances that I wouldn’t normally feel comfortable doing.

The Salomon Aura Air helmet seemed like the perfect fit. It’s lined interior kept my noggin plenty warm throughout the day. I am prone to getting headaches when I have hats or helmets on for an extended period of time, this helmets plush interior and snug fit without being overly tight provided me with a comfort that is not comparable to any helmet I have ever worn. I wore it for over five hours and I never got a headache.

I fell repeatedly throughout the day but my helmet was never a necessity as I was able to keep my head up. However, it did save me from a nasty blow when a fellow snowboarder accidentally whacked me on the head while turning over with his snowboard. We were at the top of the run and were sitting down, strapping in when he decided to turn around on the ground and miscalculated his proximity to me. Thankfully, my helmet completely protected me and I barely felt a thing. Had I not been wearing it I wonder how painful that blow would’ve been. My pearly white helmet didn’t even have a scratch on it after the encounter!

The helmet is equipped with a custom air fit. You can pump up a small air pouch within the helmet that will tighten the fit of the helmet. Thankfully, the plush liner inside the helmet is both removable and washable which will definitely come in handy! The helmet also has great ventilation that allowed a good amount of adjustable airflow that assisted in keeping my head at a desirably cozy temperature.

It is also a good looking piece of equipment. It comes in three different colors; Light Blue, Black Matt, and Pearl Matt. I chose the Pearl Matt which easily matches my snowboarding attire, and it’s neutral color scheme makes it compatible with most colors. I really couldn’t ask for anything more in a helmet! If only my climbing helmet was as soft and comfy as this!

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