This week’s gear pick of the week were Bobby’s new winter mittens. For years he had been using old leather choppers as his primary winter hand apparel. After a day in the mountains with constant snow he soon realized that the old worn out mittens wouldn’t do any more. He needed something that was both warmer and waterproof. We found a pair of Outdoor Research mittens that fulfilled both those requirements beautifully. We chose the¬†Outdoor Research Meteor Mitts.With their removable liner mittens that have a fold back flap so as to expose your fingers when needed and the wrist tightening strap that seals off your hands from unwanted snow entry. They are the perfect companion not only on the trail snowshoeing all day but also stand up to the rigors of a full day of snowboarding. Bobby couldn’t believe how quickly the liners would dry out when he would accidentally fill them with snow when they weren’t on his hands. He also found himself taking them off frequently because of the incredible amount of warmth they provide. Because the liners are removable the mittens can be worn just as shells, just as liners, or both.

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