Our last day in Jamaican paradise blossomed sunny, hot and very humid! We spent the morning on the beach and Bobby took a dip in the ocean, allowing himself to float pretty far out. I enjoyed reading the latest William Kent Kruegger mystery novel while soaking up the hot sun rays! At 10:30 we had a scheduled photo session with the resorts professional photographer. A complimentary photo session is part of the all inclusive package you get at Couples but purchasing the photos is extra. Because of the $300 credit we had we figured we could buy some of the photos to use it up! Kamar, the photographer was extremely professional and took photos of us both on the beach and in the lush front gardens of the resort. After lunch we visited the resorts, “Photoshop” where we sat down with another Couples employee and went through our photos both from the photo shoot that morning and the miscellaneous photos that had been taken of us throughout our stay. The resorts photographers take pictures every evening at the various restaurants that you can purchase it you’d like. We found 10 pictures that we really liked and ordered a CD of them for a somewhat steep fee of $100 (yay for resort credit!).

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Our afternoon consisted of an overly long nap and beginning the sad process of packing to return home the following day. Our flight doesn’t leave Jamaica until 12:15 p.m. but because of the two hour bus ride to the airport and the need to arrive at the airport two hours before the flight, we were scheduled to leave the resort at 8:15 a.m. At 4:00 we had a couples massage scheduled at the resorts spa to use up the last of our resort credit. Neither of us has ever had a massage before and were curious to see what it would be like. It was amazing! So incredibly relaxing and the 50 minutes flew by and we had a hard time believing that that much time had indeed past.

We had dinner that night at the Patio Restaurant where there is a breakfast and lunch buffet daily but in the evening is an a la carte restaurant. The number of restaurants the resort has, combined with two theme nights and one night of room service meant that we ate at each restaurant only once. This was especially nice considering the restaurants menus change on Thursdays so we knew the menus would be unchanged for our entire stay. It was neat how each restaurant served a different style of food (Caribbean, Asian, and Italian) and we were grateful that the food at all of these was tasty! A band began playing on the main stage and we sipped our drinks and listened and soaked everything in for one final evening. This trip has been unlike any other vacation we have taken. The level of laziness and amount of desserts eaten was almost unbelievable! Tomorrow we return home to cold Minnesota and our lives.

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