In preparing for our trip to Ireland at the end of May we are loading our backpacks up with gear and headed for day hikes that are flatter but longer. Boulder River proved to be the perfect destination for what we had in mind. At 8.6 miles long with only 700 feet in elevation gain (although our GPS claims it was more than a 1000 feet of elevation gain…) it proved the perfect challenge.

The trail conditions were WET! At one point I thought we had strayed off the trail and were accidentally following a creek, but no, that’s just how much water was on the trail. Plus, it was raining on and off throughout the hike, making conditions all the more moist. It really put my new Oboz hiking boots to the test! I completely submerged my feet, multiple times in crossing small waterfalls and my feet stayed surprisingly dry! The trail has three large waterfalls along the beginning of the path and the current amounts of water make them absolutely stunning!

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Getting crazy at our turnaround point!

Getting crazy at our turnaround point!

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Boulder River Trail at EveryTrail

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